Environmentalism: Evidence Suggests it Was Always and Only About Achieving World Government

This whole romantic socialism thing is a scourge of rich, saturated societies where people don’t feel any life pressures aside from how many likes they get on Facebook anymore. I loved for 8 beautiful years in Paris – and I am still emotionally attached to French culture. We ate French food, breathed the flair of the Grande Nation, revelled in its culture, watched French TV and listened to French local music. One of the singers we always listened to was Zazie. She was a permanent fixture in French music – and she also was a very outspoken Socialist. Wearing designer jeans for 1000 EUROs living big she was called a Communiste Caviar. That’s what those socialists are. Give them one year life in Venezuela as a Venezuelan to sample the pleasures of real socialism and put their socialist zeal to the test again. Some things might change.

It is common sense to protect our environment, but what has occurred for 50 years is exploitation of that idea for a socialist agenda. We wasted 50 years believing that humans are not natural, and everything they do is destructive. We wasted and continue to waste trillions of dollars on unnecessary policies and useless technologies, all based on false assumptions, pseudoscience, and emotional bullying.

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