Europe Spars Over Its Own Green Deal as Germany Urges Prudence

Germany has reached the no-bullshit zone. This means that the old legacy energy infrastructure is in the ropes of dealing with the influx of interruptible power sources. From now on, every addition to the renewable park will cost top dollar in network upgrading. Yes, the cost of the turbine is not everything, you need a stronger network and storage too, and they cost a pretty penny. Germany also faces an economy that has taken a battering in recent years and it just looks like the party is not over yet. Life gets harder for the average German which makes many consider new political choices in the next election. The legacy parties are in a rut, and they know that now. Watch on as this drama holds important lessons for the rest of the world. Smart people learn for the mistakes of others – but politicians and smart is an oxymoron.

The opening round of talks over the next green deal in Europe highlighted differences between governments over the means and pace of transforming the continent’s economies to avoid catastrophic climate change.

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