Europe’s Natural Gas Glut Is Growing

Natural Gas players are learning a hard lesson now. They have thought that new gas markets spring up when they are not looking. Sure they are lurking in the alleyways just to jump out and surprise the world with new demand when nobody expected it. And now, they are like a 3-year old that finds out that Santa Claus is just an old man with a fake beard. How could we have known? This creates pressure – heads will roll. Careers will be cut short. Money goes down the sink. And the pressure is what is needed for things to change. The European trucking diesel market uses more diesel in terms of btu’s than the global LNG market could provide. Growth could be very fast in this market if only LNG players would awaken from their slumber and put some money into initiatives to make LNG as a fuel a reality. How many managers will lose their jobs before this happens?

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