Faking It on Climate Change

Understand the thinking of a politician who must negotiate those cuts. “I am in charge now. Those cuts must be realized in more than 10 years which means that by this time I will be retired, so I give no damn about how realistic this whole thing is. I can come home and make us all feel good. It’s all bullshit but its just one more lie on top of the heap and I can pretend as if I am good for something” Those politicians are frauds – they do this, so they get great salaries and the good life for nothing instead of being honest. Nobody will do anything – add the hot air by politicians speeches to Global Warming.

Because honest and deep emissions cuts are staggeringly hard to make, achieving carbon neutrality anytime soon is an empty ambition for almost everywhere. But countries continue to make big promises and massage their emissions numbers to give a false sense of progress on combating global warming.

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