Germany’s Energy Mess Intensifies: Power CEO Warns of Further “Rising Prices”

I speak with a lot of people every day and this is a big topic as people are afraid of what’s to come. Most of them have the impression that the worst is over and from now on things cannot get worse anymore. They have not understood that we are on a slide and it’s a very long one. I am in my mid-fifties now. If I make it to 85 I have 30 more years and that might just be the length of this slide so it will get a whole lot worse. There is also very little we can do about it in many cases as we have built this disaster up over decades. We have not even started to release the pressure built up over this time. We will need to own up to the fakery and the BS we have allowed to poison our minds and we will resist. Get comfortable with the doldrums – for many of us, it’s all we are going to know for the rest of our lives. At best. 

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