Germany’s Giant Windmills Are Wildly Unpopular

Germany will switch its nukes back on and they will build new ones. Don’t believe me? Germany is pretty close to grid failure. The only thing saving them is power imports when renewables go down. But its a monster that gets bigger the longer one feeds it. If Germany would have been an island and electricity imports would be hard and very onerous, blackouts, brownouts and load shedding would have struck them earlier and Germans would have reacted. Now, the reaction takes a far longer time to produce effects and in the meantime, everything gets worse. When things go to crap, it will be massive and disastrous. Quality of life will take a sudden hit and Germans will be in the streets. They will bring coal back, they will bring the nukes back and their gas consumption will go apebusters. Those with open eyes can see it now already.

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