Global Warming Needs Re-branding, Again

Hey, I agree. Language matters and the terminology around Climate Change in particular leaves a lot to be desired. Its almost comic that the dogs Climate Alarmists have created have turned to bite them. They had worked hard to shed the Global Warming mantra as it became so patently obvious how full of holes this was. Climate Change was much easier to bring in weather that clearly did not agree with the Warming thesis. Now the realists jumped on the bandwagon and use exactly those terms. You wanted them – how do you complain? Just look the Green New Deal discussion. Both sides argue about cow farts when in reality it’s the belching that produces the methane. It’s the blind that argues with those who have no eyes to see.

The sudden usage of the term climate change over global warming is no coincidence. While a distinction between the terms does exist, most politicians use them interchangeably. 

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