Green Police: Audi Super Bowl Ad

When I was a kid I listened to the stories both grandfathers told me about the wars. My father’s father was born in 1899 and he experienced both World Wars while my mother’s father just had to endure the second one. Both told me about Hitler, the Nazis and how there was almost permanent fear of the GESTAPO – the secret police. They looked into the most personal details of everyday life and if anything was deemed Ungerman, one risked tremendous reprisals that could lead to death in extreme cases. Then, in 1989 when I was 20 years old the Iron Curtain fell and I experienced the aftermath of Communism – people telling me stories just like my Grand Parents this time in a Communist regime. In my 20ies I traveled the world and saw quite a number of totalitarian countries first hand. I was a traveler so I never had the real deal as the native population had but in some countries, the fear was palpable. And now, it’s coming back to the developed world as there is a green movement that’s organized like a terror cult that aims at crushing any perceived wrongdoing. Little does it matter if there is actually any wrongdoing as they set the rules. Welcome to the new Inquisition.

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