‘Gutless’: Nationals MP launches into expletive-filled tirade at mining magnate Andrew Forrest as pair become embroiled in fiery row over renewables

Those making the big bucks on the climate scam are in a hot seat. It’s a Ponzi scheme and like every good Ponzi scheme, it will eventually break. They usually are smart enough to know this, but as long as you get out of the Ponzi before the big day, you are making a splash. Making up, running, and maintaining Ponzi schemes is expensive and the costs grow with the bubble that will eventually pop. So, when is the moment when the expenses are not worth the gains anymore? Hard question – I have no answer. Neither do the promoters which is why so many of the darlings of the financial world hit the wall running. When you are in it too deep for comfort and you absolutely need to make the next iteration, you start to look at whatever works for you, no matter the cost. 

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