How Asia Fell Out of Love With China’s Belt and Road Initiative

This is the best sign of China being on its last legs. Imagine how embarrassing it all is for them. They are very aware that they are making fools of themselves with this and still they have to go for it. They need to keep those billions of hands busy, a billion stomachs filled and a billion brains on a dream that is still pretty much a dream. Glitzy skylines cannot change that. China needs deep structural reforms in order to turn itself around. But those reforms would shatter the very power base the current leadership has so it can never happen. This means, lets keep doing what we did so far hoping that a miracle will sort us out. In the meanwhile, the nomenclatura buys up properties in America, Europe and Australia for a rainy day.

In late August, President Abdulla Yameen of the Maldives hailed the opening of a Chinese-built bridge connecting two islands in the archipelago as “the gateway into tomorrow and the opportunities beyond.”

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