India to push for CNG, LNG cars till electric vehicles become affordable

India knows that the current EV madness is unaffordable. They need a lot of new mobility in order to keep their economy chugging, and they need it now, not at some hazy point in the future when Electric Vehicles might become affordable. They also cannot afford to throw vast sums of money at subsidizing those expensive EV’s. So they do the sensible thing. Methane based mobility (CNG and LNG) eliminates everything that’s really harmful from the exhaust stream and this is what’s close to their hearts. Wanna understand for yourself? Go to Delhi and take a jog – that’s better than words. All this filth goes away with methane. Remains, CO2. Less of it than with other hydrocarbon fuels but its still there. But that’s not killing us and Indians do understand that.

India is preparing for a major thrust on the development and use of vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in yet another effort to curb rising levels of vehicular pollution in its cities.

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