Irish President Calls For Socialism To Fight Climate Change

I grew up just 5 km away from the Iron Curtain. I was lucky – I was on the good side. When the Iron Curtain fell, I was a young adult but even before that, I was aware that any system that needed to imprison its own people this way would be horrible. And when there was a doubt, I just had to walk out from the back of our house for some minutes to see the fence and right before me. This also means that I was politically aware very early in my life. I knew where my allegiance would be for the rest of my life. Maybe it’s easier for someone who did not have the same experiences I had to fall for this garbage from the past. Wanna know what socialism was like – ask the people that lived behind the Iron Curtain. They are the most steadfast anti-socialists. #Socialism #ClimateChange

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