It’s Time for a ‘Green New Deal’

Legendary Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis was very uneasy with the original New Deal. He thought it was a monstrous expansion of government to the detriment of peoples freedom and right for self determination. A “Green New Deal” would mean just more government when this is the worst disease America suffers from right now. The US needs less top heavy and more grass roots liberties in order to get ready for the challenges of the next few decades. That includes planetary change – governments have a dismal record when it comes to delivering results one is proud to show. Its the people – stupid.

There is a groundswell of support in America to tackle the calamity of climate change. Addressing climate change is a national security issue, but renewable energy is also a jobs issue, a health issue and a pocketbook issue for each American family. Constantly improving technology means that low-carbon renewable energy is cleaner, cheaper and safer than burning fossil fuels.

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