Labor anger over Green New Deal greets 2020 contenders in California

The Green New Deal is the best campaign weapon Trump has for 2020. I mean, compared to those proposals Trump looks like a true example of statesmanship, reason and good manners. Sun Tsu said in his “Art of War” that you shall wait at the river until your enemies bodies just float by. patience, your enemy is going to hang himself. Why getting involved if they do it all by themselves? That’s my strategy – renewable energy and Electric Vehicles are an impossible position as we can’t afford it. Eventually, the people will reject it and then we need something that works. Methane for me. The Democrats will kick their own butts – worse than Trump could ever do it.

Blue-collar union workers in solidly Democratic California are rejecting “Green New Deal” politics, a possible preview of troubles for 2020 presidential hopefuls in Rust Belt states like Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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