Labor Backbenchers Revolt Over Ludicrous Wind & Solar Energy Targets

Sure they revolt. They are backbenchers. They are in the firing line when the party fortunes go down. And they start to feel the heat for unrealistic policies as people eventually understand that not only will they have to pay for this folly but that it will also take away some of the most basic amenities we have. Many of us have a hard time imagining more than 5 minutes without power. I sure know what happens when I switch the power off because I put in some additional wall socket or swap switches. Imagine this for 2 hours – imagine 1 day – or longer. We are dependent on electrical energy to the point we don’t think about it. Take it away and questions will be asked. In countries like Australia they can’t fake it anymore – RE takes its toll. And people don’t like it – who is surprised now?

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