LNG and hydrogen fuel option to help shipping meet IMO targets

Just yesterday I talked to a friend who works in marine logistics. Here is what he told me. There is no money for any nonsense. The shipping industry is on the ropes and they have no appetite to try out new things for real. Of course, marketing still does its job of make-belief so there are some show-off projects that are peddled and as LNG has made its proofs, it will slowly eat into the market. But those vessels have an economic life of many decades and if you have one, no matter how its put together, you use it. You just try to make ends meet and there you go. Hydrogen is a marketing stunt and the fact that it’s thrown together with LNG – something that works well – just proves that. It would not be able to stand on its feet alone but together with LNG – there will be something to show for.

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