Manufacturers may be forced to sell electric cars in drive towards zero emissions

What it does most of all is raising the price for individual mobility. Up to the level when a large majority of the populations of even very wealthy countries cannot afford their own car anymore. Having a car will be a lifetime achievement again. Some people might like that but imagine 80% of the people of a country not to be able to own a car anymore. Will those people be happy – mostly not I would dare to guess. And what will all those pissed off votes do – exactly right. Vote for the politicians promising them that prices for cars will come down. They can try so by subsidies but that cleans out national budgets already now at low penetration levels. At higher rates, this quickly becomes impossible even for the most sophisticated numbers of artists along with us. This leaves only, bring the ICE back. Vehicle manufacturers should hold out. Those with good ICE tech will have an edge. #ZeroEmissions #ElectricVehicles #ElectricCars

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