Media Attacks Should Be a Signal to Trump: Focus on Flawed Climate Science

Attacks by Climate Alarmists have really become rabid over the last 12 months. If I only count the number of times I have been attacked those last months, I assume they are growing desperate. And I get it, they see their options run away. More and more of their models get debunked, more and more evidence supporting much less dramatic developments in weather and climate pops up, and we are moving towards a cooling cycle. Plus, there is a political backlash already now and with mounting costs, this is going to intensify. But the Ponzi scheme called Climate Alarmism needs ever more cash and ever more young souls that can be fed to the grinder as soldiers for the cause. Time is running out and they know it. I would be petty desperate too in their place – but I am not in their place.

President Donald Trump is clearly on the right track on climate change. One of the strongest indicators of this is the mainstream media’s intense attacks on the president over the past month. After all, they would not be concerned if Trump were not attacking their most cherished, and vulnerable, asset—the supposedly “settled science” propping up the climate scare.

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