Mercedes-Benz hydrogen concept vehicle will offer range of 1,000 km

1000 km on one tank filling? Great – please throw the purchase price for one of those things at me and tell me quick: whats payload capacity? Besides, will I be able to pull a trailer for the 1000 km, and am I allowed to put any inclines into the route? Or will it be a test stand value like the diesel emissions German carmakers are so famous for? So many questions – at the same time an LNG truck that you can buy for around 15-20% more than the comparable diesel truck will cost you and it will go far beyond 1000 km fully laden on any average route profile right now. The fuel is cheaper – even if you want to go carbon-free. The CAPEX premium comes back in fuel savings in less than 2 years. Zero carbon if you want that. Are we crazy or what?

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