Methane hydrate – a natural gas heir apparent

Just to get an idea of the dimensions here. If you out all Naural Gas that has ever been produced in one giant, imaginary bubble and threw in all the gas (including shale gas) that will likely be produced over the next 30 years and compared it to all the methane hydrate reserves the planet holds, its probably somewhere in the order of one percent. Methane Hydrates are massive and countries like China, Japan and India have a huge incentive to make it work for themselves. The US chipped into the research as well but since shale is transforming the country now, their incentives are much less now which threw a wrench into its future development potential. But if enviro-radicals succeed by making oil super-expensive again, it might just have the same effect 140 USD oil had on shale. It might be enough to open release the ghosts of Methane Hydrates. We will never run out of gas.

Pakistan has been one of the biggest fossil fuel customers of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

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