Mike Lee’s precious put-down of Green New Deal — and AOC’s hat-tip to despair

As much as I believe in human ingenuity, this one goes beyond that. We need ingenuity to solve an actual problem, and I am first to hold that up. But we need to look at the issue at the core first, as no ingenuity will ever solve the fundamental stupidity of humans. We have come to accept this Climate Change hoax as an unquestioned reality when the facts stare in our faces. CO2 is not the problem – it’s actually part of the solution. Low CO2 is a mortal threat to humanity (under 150 ppm life stops) and the burning of fossil fuels has reversed that dooms-trend. Burning coal, oil and gas has saved us from extinction. We should do more of it in order to push CO2 up to more comfortable levels again. But this denies the Homo Idioticus his place in the pecking order. They would have to do something worthwhile for a change. No wonder they are so violently opposed.

And nobody knows it better than its leading sponsor, the socialist-minded Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose smart-mouth response to Lee’s shoot-down has revealed her desperation — her growing awareness that, legislatively speaking, she’s simply bitten off more than she could chew.

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