More surfacestations project vindication: Strong UHI temperature biases confirmed in USA

Biased temperature measurements – how could we have guessed? We call this cherry-picking – just retain the stuff you like and sweep all the rest under the rug. But that would mean that the effects of higher temperatures would have to be in line with the predictions and measurements. And Al Gore was so sure that according to him the Arctic should be ice-free right now. Instead, there are ice-breakers that get stuck in the ice and their crews need to be evacuated by helicopter. And National Parks that announced that their glaciers should be gone have quietly removed the signs saying so. We need to be sure that the measurements are what they are. We can probably assume that pretty much anything we have gotten in the last 20 years has been tainted – if not longer. The only way to deal with this is by unflinching transparency. No more Black Boxes. Give us all the raw data – all of it not just the part you want to show us. We paid for it. Otherwise, have all your funding withdrawn.

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