n 2021, let’s challenge green tyranny

During the Cold War, Western countries knew what to focus on. They had a system to their east that had to imprison their population to prevent them from running away. It does not take a lot of imagination for any average person that such a system is inherently diabolical. With the fall of the Iron curtain, we have lost that lighthouse in the dark. Today’s 30-year-old ones have no memory of the horrors of communism. Heck, even 40-year-olds barely remember. People like to live in a dream world where everything is free and every whim is attended to. Democracy is not a good system to be ruled by which is why it must be tempered but not by dictatorial powers over the people but by hard and executable guarantees the people have to oppose to their rulers. The people should not fear governments, governments should fear the people.

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