New Anti-Fossil Fuel Puritans Set New Standard in Blatant Ignorance & Gross Hypocrisy

When the dotcom bubble exploded all over us in March 2000 I worked for an internet startup in Paris. It hit me hard as I loved my job and when the company met an untimely demise, there was a lot of bitterness. But it also got me thinking. And it was in 2000 when I was convinced that we were set on course for a big bust, much bigger than the 2000 crisis. In 2008 I thought that it finally had come to hit us but that was nothing but a little taster. I have come to learn that we will wreck our economies much more thoroughly than that. Those younglings have no idea what will hit them over the next 10 years. I almost pity them. Climate Change will be the last thing on their minds. 

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