New Plan To Save Coal Jobs: Teeny, Tiny Coal Power Plants

No, wind and solar are not decentralized power plants. They are decentralized power production sites at best as a power plant delivers power when I need it. This means that it delivers its rating power whenever I ask it to. Regardless if there is wind or the sun shines. It will always deliver its power and will not do so when I don’t need it waiting for me to decide when I want it again. Wind and solar cannot do this – they need modulation that is very expensive. Most of the time it’s a rotating reserve of fossil plants or a pumped hydro plant which pretty much kills decentralization. Those folks play with words they seem not to understand. But we understand the inflated bills we pay due to those supposedly decentralized power plants.

The Trump administration has made a few stabs at stemming the tide of coal power plant closures in the US, and none have come to fruition. Now it looks like they’re just plain giving up. The new idea is to downsize coal power plants and shoehorn them into the modern grid of the future alongside renewable energy.

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