New study looks at space power competition through China’s lens

It’s about time the US sees picks up on those developments and let’s see this the right way. he best thing that has happened in the last 70 years was the Cold War with the Soviet Union. It forced the US to show teeth, be competitive, and develop strategies to beat a peer adversary. And it takes a peer adversary to get worked up real good. You don’t learn swimming in the kiddies pool – you go to the deep end of the pool and do your thing. You will struggle, you will swallow some water. You will fight but if you embrace the challenge, you go home different than how you were before you jumped in. China pushes the US to finally compete again – for real this time. Losing the USSR as a competitor was the worst thing that had happened to the US. It made it soft and vulnerable. A bare-knuckle fight gives you focus.

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