New York Blocked A New Pipeline And Guess What They Just Found Out

That’s a good thing. New Yorkers need to feel that there are consequences when they are being foolish. There is no such thing as a free mess up. Crime in New York was tackled when New Yorkers got though on it, and they only got tough because the situation spiraled out of control. Now its energy – let them freeze, let them put diesel stoves in place, let them bring in coal by sack loads, let them go ape shit on their own crap. And when they have enough o all of this, New Yorkers will be healed. But it’s not going to happen in a day.

If you know anything about New York in the modern era (both the state and the Big Apple), you’re likely aware that it’s not exactly a friendly landscape for the oil and gas industry. The “Keep it in the ground” crowd has a lot of influence with the Democrats who control the government.

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