Norway wealth fund says it’s hard to find right green energy projects

And it will get a lot harder still to find appropriate investment opportunities in the RE space. Because they all – without exception – depend on massive cash injections by non-market players – i.e. subsidies. And thats becoming ever more of a challenge. Because we are at the point where financial gimmickry and printing money won’t help governments to go on throwing cash at useless White Eelephats that produce nothing but great fortunes for a few and destroy the energy infrastructure for the many. So people feel the sting of this ever more and they are not happy. And unhappy people tend to kick politicians that don’t promise help to the curb. And those politicians will listen – and kick RE to the curb. Yes, they were feeding dragons as they always do when they pander to emotions instead of explaining facts on the ground. We have seen this play out so many times, it’s almost boring.

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