Novatek mulls 20 mil mt/year LNG transshipment terminal in Murmansk

OK, just for the record. This LNG is produced in a plant that lies in the deep Arctic where everything you do is way more expensive than almost anywhere on the planet. It uses gas from a field that was deemed unexploitable as recently as 10 years ago which carries a price as well. It is transported by specifically built vessels through some of the worst Arctic waters the planet knows – does not come at a bargain. And then it is unloaded in another Arctic terminal, reloaded onto a normal vessel and then sold. And this is competitive gas. Get the hell out of here.

Russian natural gas producer Novatek is considering building a 20 million mt/year transshipment terminal in the northern city of Murmansk, CEO Leonid Mikhelson said late Monday, in a move that could help it save on transporting LNG westward from its active and future LNG plants in the Arctic via the Northern Sea Route.

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