NOx lenience for RDE illegal, 80 mg/km limit perfectly feasible for diesel

Is this the death of diesel? NO. I will be very old when diesel really becomes an oddity – as it will. In time. But its one more glass marble on the street where you will have to walk every day now. It gets slippery and not long from now, you will have to justify the purchase of a diesel as compared to something else to your boss or fleet manager. Diesel’s time as the least risky option are over. Methane (LNG really) might become this option as its not horribly different from diesel except that this emissions stuff goes to become a strength from a weakness.

“Carmakers will just have to spend more money on NOx treatment systems – something they tried to avoid by lobbying for the temporary deviation which has now been found illegal”, says Pecqueur. If the ruling is translated into law – which is still uncertain – these extra costs will surely be passed on to customers, making the business case even more questionable than today.

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