Nutritive Value of Plants Growing in Enhanced CO2 Concentrations (eCO2)

So plants grow better when they live in a CO2-rich environment. How is that news? Greenhouse farmers have known this for decades and buy CO2 to enrich their greenhouses. Oh, with all this extra CO2 in the Greenhouses, you should expect them to be glowing hot. Funny they are not. Sometimes the evidence is right under your nose. Tell me, knowing this and going to see for yourself in your next greenhouse, would you still rather believe some study? What do you trust more? Your senses or what someone who makes a living by sustaining a narrative says? Oh, you don’t trust your senses? That’s why the masses are so easy to deceive. When enough people believe that water is red and the sun is blue then people will repeat it. What makes us different from Zombies then? 

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