Oil Isn’t the Only Fuel in the Persian Gulf Firing Line

How long could anyone clog up the Strait of Hormuz? The Strait is 33 km wide at the narrowest point. If there was fighting, no Iranian boat would make it even close to halfway that distance. they would be shredded to bits by Phalanx CIWS. And missiles, after a couple of days you could not launch anything that is capable of hitting anything anymore close to the Strait. I don’t think the saber rattling leads to war. It just does not make sense. Iran is not in a position to readily challenge the US Navy and the US does not want another bigger Iraq.

News of more mysterious tanker attacks, this time in the Gulf of Oman, had their predictable effect on (otherwise lifeless) oil prices Thursday morning. But there’s another fuel that plies those troubled waters: liquefied natural gas, or LNG. What might conflict, or the threat of it, mean for one of the fastest growing bits of the energy business?

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