“Over My Dead Body”: Louisiana Senator Responds to Joe Biden’s Proposed Climate Shutdown of the US Fossil Fuel Industry

My money is still on Trump but in case Biden wins the presidency – two things are going to happen. First, states and counties will discover that they have a life too, and that not everything depends on Federal authorities. This would reinvigorate Federalism as those states that make a living from hydrocarbons would resist DC. And those states that are far down the GND path and live with the consequences would probably start to feel popular resentment resulting in more local resistance. And the other thing will be that the Democrat party will explode as the Green fanatics will square off with the DC elites. Biden will want to please everyone as he usually does which means he will throw the Bernie bros under the bus. Don’t expect a spine from Kamala on this. #2020election #GreenNewDeal

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