Population is Not Being Told the True Cost of Net Zero, Warns Former World Bank Economist

What do you think when you read this? That the truth is more like 140% of what we pretend to know? Or 200%? The vast majority of people have no idea what the truth is as the playing field is distorted on many levels by a thicket of rules, regulations, subsidies, freebies for some but not others, mandates, and a shitload of propaganda and fake figures again on many levels. People only know their utility bills and those are about as clear cut as a French maze. The true cost of Net Zero is the total collapse of our welfare states and any comforts we derive from that. It’s being kept alive by a plethora of stopgaps, temporary measures, and a fog of printed money resulting in inflation. Don’t complain about everything getting more expensive. That is how you pay and it will get a lot worse. 

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