Qatar looks to go even bigger on LNG

126 MTA – thats quite a number. And the good thing is that we don’t need to chow down on your fingernails if it will happen. If the Qataris say they will build it, then you can bet your house on it. So, the old/new nr. 1 gets going and the world is going to have enough LNG. Oh wait – you believe thats a lot of LNG? OK, let’s create some perspective here. If the entire shipping world flipped over to LNG in one day (just for the sake of argument) the entire planetary production of LNG would not be nearly enough to cover it. But ships take time to adopt new technologies you say? True, but look at North America and Europe – LNG as a fuel for heavy transport is growing by leaps and bounds and each of those heavy transport diesel markets is bigger than worldwide shipping. We will need many Qatars.

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