Record High Temperatures in France: 3 Facts the Media Don’t Tell You

The hottest recorded day for the last 200 years. How have temperatures been recorded 200 years ago? By having someone loom at the mercury. Who has seen an old mercury thermometer? Any confidence that we were able to detect a difference of a tenth degree celsius? I remember when I was a kid, we could sometimes not make out to one degree what temperature it really was. Most stuff from before WW2 is mush, anything from before WW1 is guesswork at best. But we constantly see those lines with extremely intricate and precise temperature developments over hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. It should be stated that they are all guesswork and could be off by entire degrees Celsius. But that’s not what we are told. If it supports the Global Warming script, it’s elevated to be a fact, if it does not, it’s adjusted until it fits.

News reporting of the recent heat wave in France and other European countries was accompanied with the usual blame on humans for causing the event. For example, here’s the CBS News headline: Record-breaking heat is scorching France. Experts say climate change is to blame.

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