Russia’s Biggest Weapon (And China’s Too) Is Fossil Fuel Energy

Yes, they do have this weapon. What they have is much more than our open society allows extremist idiots to attain power wrecking our societies from the inside. But it’s a one-trick pony. Once it has been used to full effect, the world quickly learns that the alternatives are not as bad as they had feared and that it can live without the Russian goods as they will come from somewhere else. But in the end, it must teach us that we must learn to be more autonomous, and more self-reliant. Russia’s and China’s weapons are only as potent as we are lazy, coddled, whiney little virtue-signaling craps that cannot focus on the reality of life itself. Russia has no fast and easy way out of its misery and neither is ours going to be easy. But it can be fast. 

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