Russia’s Sechin accuses U.S. of using energy as political weapon

Looks like the US has learned a lesson. Russia has used energy as a weapon ever since they knew that their military won’t cut it anymore. Use all leverage you have was always the moto. Now, as the US beats others at their own game its suddenly a bad thing. Interesting rationale. The US uses energy as a political weapon but we must not forget that energy companies are private “for profit” entities that are not designed to do the politicians bidding. Trump can try to persuade those players and if they find it profitable to cooperate all the better for him. If they don’t find that there is little he can do. Unlike in Russia where oil and gas companies do as they are told or else.

Igor Sechin, CEO of Russian oil giant Rosneft, accused the United States of using energy as a political weapon and said on Thursday that the U.S. golden age of energy had become an “era of energy colonialism” for other countries.

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