Sales of hybrid cars plummet after subsidy cut

Electric vehicles are really just toys for the rich financed by those that cannot afford them. If we push this to the point where the extinction rebellion freaks and some politicians want it, in a very few decades we won’t need new roads anymore as most people won’t be able to afford a car anymore. 80% of all people will walk and use a combination of other means to get ahead but it won’t be anything like individual mobility anymore. That’s the theory at least – as long before the crushing cost of this all will force politicians to cut back the lavish subsidies they currently throw to the well-heeled. Why? Because voters will smell where the rat and vote any politician that tries to do anything like that into oblivion. And I know politicians – they are turncoats and when they feel that their positions depend on ending the subsidy madness, they will cut them faster than you can say the word Tesla.

The number of green cars sold in Britain has fallen for the first time in two years after the government cut subsidies.

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