SCIENCE!!!!! Uncovers the Mystery that People May Have Mixed Feelings About their Dietary Choices

In May last year, one of my legs got swollen and very painful. I had a thrombosis event. The follow-up medical examination was a good news bad news scenario. The good news is that the blockage was in my lower leg and did not move up, bad news was that I had quite some arterial plaque in many places. That got me panicked. After some research, I switched over to a high-fat carnivore diet. I eat no carbs and do some fasting at irregular intervals. In January this year, all my blockages were gone, and almost all my arterial plaque as well. Plus I had dropped almost 50 pounds. Not eating plants and eating animals healed me. Our nutrition is wrong on many levels. Does anyone have a reliable study on heart disease and cancer rates in vegans? 

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