Scientists Model Costs of Geoengineering Effort to Dim the Sun

Lots of big figures. Instead of playing with big dreams (remember nuclear fusion) we should get ready for some changes that might just be coming. Because earths climate has been changing all throughout human history. Just take the Medieval Warm Period – we were around 700 years before industrialization. It was followed by a little Ice Age. Did it happen? The evidence says yes. Was it human induced? I strongly doubt so. Did humans life change as a result? You bet. Did humanity die? Hell no. There were periods thousands of years ago that had 10 times more CO2 in the atmosphere than now. Yet, earth still lives. Climate change is happening since the planet formed an atmosphere billions of years ago. It will change in the future to. Let’s do the smart thing and adapt.

Geoengineering — the deliberate effort to manipulate the Earth’s climate in an attempt to offset, delay, or slow global warming — has slowly transformed from a pie-in-the-sky idea to a serious concept that may well be attempted one day. A wide variety of schemes have been proposed for how we might cool the Earth, but many of these would require the development of technologies far beyond our current capability.

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