SEA\LNG: study strengthens LNG investment case

Having better information is a good thing. It will help those that need figures making their case. And most people need their numbers. But let me make a far simpler case for LNG. It does everything that HFO does. A vessel running on LNG is fuelled quickly and without a fuss. It’s very safe to use and it can be bunkered in many places already today – soon everywhere. It does change the fundamental structure of the ship and does not create fundamental new safety issues that need to be grappled with. It gives you a great range and can be burned in all kinds of marine engines without much fuss. Except for the filth – this you don’t get with LNG. And if in the future you decide you want to go all zero-carbon – just use Bio-LNG. Buy an LNG fueled vessel now and forget about it for as long as its operationally available instead of biting your fingernails what regulators come up with next.

SEA\LNG has released an independent study showing that LNG as a marine fuel delivers the best return on investment and is a competitive option for newbuild Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTC) on Pacific and Atlantic trade lanes.

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