Signs of a global economic recovery in the second half are emerging

Maybe – that’s a word I see often when it comes to economics predictions. Some KPI moves into a certain direction and the world is saved. It’s not. We have not yet resolved the underlying causes of the 2008 crash – hell we have inflated them to the extreme. There is more bubble money in the system than at any time before now. Central Banks print money like there is no tomorrow and our last hope – China – is stumbling. We need to clean up the financial mess and revert to a more physical economy where real production and service matter more than some numbers on a spreadsheet. Hellas, we are far from it. So we bumble on until it all hits the fan. When that will be nobody know. Only one thing is certain – one second before the crash you won’t see it coming – and one second after it happened there is nothing you can do to stop it. We are living in an entitlement world – real values are meaningless. Until they are.

Worries about the global economy percolate even as equities around the world rise, but an economist at Ned Davis Research says the worst of it may be over.

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