Study Pinpoints Source of Banned Gas That Saps Ozone Layer: Eastern China

When president Trump took the US out of the Paris accords, a large part of his reasoning was that the US will have its feet held to fire over rules that China will never abide by. He also held that this was unfair. He was roasted for it but it turns out (unsurprisingly) that he was dead on. China never respects any agreement they have entered. They regard themselves as the Middle Kingdom, the center of the world so entering into agreements is only a strategy to fool those idiots in the west. We see it with CFC emissions now and you can safely assume that this will be the case with no matter what. Any agreement without real teeth in it is worthless and should not be head. All the other politicians who signed Paris are either incredibly naive or scammers of the highest order. I will leave it to you to pick them apart.

Rogue emissions of a gas that harms the ozone layer are coming from eastern China, primarily from two heavily industrialized provinces, an international team of researchers said Wednesday.

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