Svalbard glaciers lost their protective buffer in the mid-1980s and have been melting ever since

Spitzbergen is not only the northernmost land territory of Europe. Its also known to be an icebox. Thats why the Vault safeguarding a world of seeds and other valuable biomatter in it. But with the warming cycle, the Vault is under threat. But wait a minute, who planned this thing? Because archeologists have found the graves of whalers that were buried in the ground in Spitzbergen about 1000 years ago. For reference, we know Spitzbergen as permanently frozen which means that the ground there is as hard as a rock. And whalers sure did not take the pharaonic effort to hack rock-like ground open for graves. This means that the ground as softer and could be shoveled – which means it was warmer there 1000 years ago. Warmer than today because take a shovel and try to dig there now. A clue?

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