Taxing the Poor to Benefit the Rich

I can’t remember exactly what year but at some point in the last 10 years, the city of Vienna (my home city) had canceled a heating aid for the poor. It was customary that those at the lower end of the income range would be able to receive a payment helping them to cope with the heating bill. One may agree with such measures or not but when it was canceled, it was replaced with a one-time subsidy for those buying new gas burners. The problem was that poor people cannot afford the expense of a new gas burner as just a part of the sum would be reimbursed. They cant even shell out the money in advance. But that was what was required. The net effect was that the poor lost their heating money and those well off bought subsidized new gas burners for their homes. Oh, that was a socialist city government doing this. Electric Vehicles are similar – they are subsidized pacing toys for the rich. Paid for by all of us.

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