Tesla Model S erupts ‘like a flamethrower,’ renewing old safety concerns

Thats a personal vehicle – comparatively small and benign and still a death trap under the right conditions. The problem is that as a driver you have no good way to know when this thing erupts in flames. And its not some benign fire that burns away stoically. Its a violent, superhot, toxic fire that will surprise you as there is little warning before it erupts. So much for small cars. Now imagine a 40 ton truck with a battery to match doing the same. Imagine this truck stands at the side of the road and you walk by while this supersized flamethrower starts freaking out. How much of a chance would you have to get away in time? Imagine a ship in a harbor. Imagine an airplane on batteries. This discussion must still be had as the worst case will happen. We know that now.

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