Teslas and other electric cars won’t dent the grid, never mind break it

Wow, this is incredibly short-sighted. Electricity is not like Mamas’ pasta sauce which sits there in a bowl ready for you to dip in when your desire hits you hard. Electricity is real time generation and delivery. Which means that annual consumption figures are meaningless here. Some countries grids are already now strained to the breaking point by Renewables that produces when it wants and not when the consumer needs it. Put in another consumption factor at a time when there is no solar and strain the fragile balance further. This is not a slam dunk, and we will learn the hard way as for now, almost everyone seems to have consumed KoolAid.

Running our automobiles on electricity instead of gasoline shifts energy requirements from gas pumps to the grid. What’s going to happen when significant numbers of cars are plugged in at night?

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