Tesla’s Berlin Plant Remains Shut Down After Eco-Terrorism…Over Half A Billion Euros Damage

Half a billion? That’s not enough. They want a pile of smoldering rubble and then some more. If you are one of those thinking that there must be some form of co-existence possible with those terrorists I have news for you. There is none. They show us every day that there will be no limit to what they are willing to do and accept to further their goals. Their true goals have become immaterial at this point. It’s slogans only. Makes things much easier as repeating slogans justifies anything and prevents those pesky facts from bringing common sense to their brains. They are lost. Those in the firing line of Hamas terrorists on October 7 were the most ardent peaceniks in Israel. They have gone through unspeakable horrors and now some of them accept reality. What do our extremists need to accept reality? 

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