The $1000 Student Climate Challenge Award

That’s a great challenge and I would love to see it transformed into a Climate X price. We need fact, we need data, we need knowledge, we need a lot of discussions and we need stories that convey what is and not what some sick minds imagine. We are living in a world where kids freak out from totally imaginary dangers. When I was a kid, we freaked out over nuclear war – it just hung over us. We freaked out over sour rain and a new Ice Age coming. We freaked out over a great many things but we did so for ourselves. We did not hold everyone hostage. And sure enough, pretty much all of those scares remained that, scares although they were eerily real to our minds. But this Climate Change thing is totally unsupported by data and it freaks people out to a degree never seen before. What will they do when really dangerous things happen?

Currently children are being asked to lead a political charge for “climate change action”. Climate is very complex, and most adults have a very poor understanding of all the factors affecting climate change.

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